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Welcome to EthicsWorld.org We look forward to your participation in this independent, not-for-profit forum designed to contribute to the strengthening of global ethics and governance. EthicsWorld is for professionals in business, government, civil society, and academia as well as students and the media. Our goal is to provide knowledge through news, research, and best practices, and encourage an active exchange of views. Mckenzie Lock, Editor. Frank Vogl, Publisher. About Us.


  • Kuwait Passes Major Anti-Corruption Bill. According to the Arab Times, Kuwait’s Parliament, in a majority vote, passed a key election reform bill that slashes the number of polling constituencies in line with a opposition demand aimed at curbing corruption (July 17, 2006). Opposition candidates have alleged that the previous election system promoted corruption and vote-buying because the number of voters in some constituencies was too small. The bill, the passage of which is seen as a sign of increasing bi-partisan cooperation, was the core of a bitter political crisis between the previous government and opposition MPs that led to the May dissolution of Parliament and early elections.

  • The 2006 Edelman Annual Trust Barometer. See Surveys and Trends.

  • ISS Report on the 2006 Proxy Season: An Issue-by-Issue Review. See Surveys and Trends.

  • Hidden Rivers: The Role of Trade Associations in Corporate Political Spending. See Democracy & Government Accountability.

  • EthicsWorld Exclusive: Dr. Devendra Panday on Anti-Corruption and Democracy in Nepal. On April 25, 2006 Dr. Devendra Raj Panday, a Nepalese anti-corruption leader, was released from jail after spending over 100 days in prison for his activism. In this article, written exclusively for EthicsWorld, Dr. Panday discusses his experiences during Nepal's political crisis and his views on the often conflicted relationship between anti-corruption and democratic reform. See Views and Analysis.

  • Gates, Buffet and the Philanthropy of the Super Rich: A Model for Corporate America? Their decisions to "give it all away" are rare and commendable, but are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet the right examples to follow? An EthicsWorld editorial examines the issue. See Philanthropy.


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