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Our focus at EthicsWorld is on how corporations are perceived to be performing in the governance area; how experts are evolving proposals for better governance systems; how investigations and trials are yielding new insights into areas that are in need of reform; and how corporations are responding with improved approaches and the development of best practices.  We report on corporations, on their regulators and on expert observers of both. On our pages we draw upon surveys and reports from many specialist organizations, always providing Internet links to their sites, in order to strengthen awareness and build a meaningful forum for the exchange of views

Corporate Governance - Why now? 

Companies are increasingly being required by both regulatory authorities and by their shareholders to operate efficiently, responsibly and ethically. How companies – especially those that are publicly traded– meet these requirements has a direct impact on public confidence in the free market system. Trust by shareholders, investors and the general public in corporate management is not gained solely by increased profits. More and more - especially after the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation and subsequent corporate corruption and fraud scandals – this trust is also the product of increased transparency and accountability both from the board of directors as well as all levels of business management.

Traditional modes of operating, combined with a growing numbers of rules and regulations, continue to play the major role in determining how a business is governed. However, while in an earlier era, routine approaches to ethics was acceptable, shareholders, investors and the general public now require more from business leaders. We expect them to daily adhere to ethical standards that go beyond mere compliance with regulations (The same holds true for the leaders of not-for-profit organizations.)  We expect them to seriously address some of the most pressing issues in the area of corporate governance, issues, which this website seeks to emphasize. These include compliance by corporations to the rising level of regulations, the transparency of boardroom decisions, the corporate audit oversight process, the compensation of top executives, the election of directors to boards, and the ways in which corporations report on their governance approaches.


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