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Our focus at EthicsWorld is on how the management of corporations demonstrate respect for their employees and promote high ethical standards in their organizations. 

We look at how business leaders set the “tone at the top.” We track new surveys and research on workplace ethics. We highlight the critical issues and the key challenges companies face, from ensuring that workplace ethics are not undermined by the pressure to maximize profits; to examining codes of conduct, training approaches and “whistleblower” systems. We consider regulations and the business, academic and government leaders who wield influence in this area.

Ethics & Employees - Why now?

How people are treated in their places of work is of fundamental importance to our society. However, rarely before has their been so much uncertainty in the workplace over issues of respect and good ethics.

Companies are merging at a record pace. These new consolidations often involve major challenges to traditional corporate cultures. At the same time, globalization and new technologies are having a profound impact on the structure of corporations, the strategies of corporate leaders and, in turn, on the day-to-day lives of employees. 

How companies adapt to a more competitive and faster-paced market environment impacts every facet of management, including the management of people. Unfortunately corporate strategic changes can carry significant costs for employees. For instance, it is too often the case that the drive to maximize profits in the face of increased global competition places undesirable pressure on managers and supervisors to cut ethical corners in order to meet bottom-line, short-term goals.

Fortunately, more attention is being paid to workplace ethics than ever before. More corporations are hiring professional ethics officers and/or directing portions of their human resource budgets to managing workplace ethics. More ethics training programs are available to corporations, and more academics and government regulators are focusing on workplace ethics. We believe that the leadership, codes of conduct and cultures within companies combine to determine how employees are treated. 

By underscoring these issues, we seek not only to highlight best practices but also to build a forum for practicioners to exchange views and experiences.


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