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Our focus at EthicsWorld is on the transparency and accountability of governmental institutions. Democracy requires public access to governmental information, fair and transparent implementation of the rule of law, respect for citizens and honesty by public officials. We look at developments in each of these areas and the progress that is being made around the world. A prime focus is on corruption: the abuse of public office for personal gain.  We look at how institutions are striving to counter corruption and the lessons that can be learned from them and from the rising number of non-governmental organizations around the globe that are working in this area.

Public Sector Governance: Why now? 

The post-Cold War era gave rise to a greater focus on building democracy in more countries than ever before. This in turn gave rise to a veritable explosion of non-governmental organizations and research institutes engaged in multiple aspects of good governance. Moreover, while the focus on democracy largely concerned the countries of the former Soviet Union and the developing world, the amounts of money involved in politics in the leading industrial nations exploded. These considerations have given rise to a greater level of understanding of the importance of governmental accountability, transparency and honesty than ever before. Much is happening and new developments, both positive and in the form of scandals, are coming to provide fresh insights, generate new approaches and create knowledge of best practices. Exchanges of views and the development of new insights in this area is of profound importance to the quality of life of peoples across the globe.


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